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The safety ​and security of our students ​and staff is our ​highest priority​! After the horrific Buffalo and Texas Mass Shootings, any person who wishes to enter a school MUST call ahead and obtain prior approval to entering the building. This includes parents, caregivers, siblings, and vendors; NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.

For the safety of all, the doors at each of our school locations will remain locked during the school day. There are camera monitors at the front entrance of each of our school sites.

All visitors, parents, and caregivers will need to announce their name and the name of their child to be buzzed into a school. Upon entry, visitors may be subjected to wanding and/ or a search process for safety measures. The Buffalo Police Department and/or Buffalo Public Schools Security staff will have​ a presence in and around schools for an undetermined amount of time.

At this time, end of the year ceremonies are scheduled to be held with all extra safety protocols in place. We are deeply appreciative of your understanding to keep all safe.

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Prescription Card logov2.png

I do not have insurance I have been paying a lot for my prescriptions.

My pharmacist gave me your card and my prescriptions were half price.

Thank you so much for helping me.

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