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COVID-19 & Your Credit

Here's some credit information and tips that could help you protect your credit during this stressful time.

The coronavirus can’t directly impact your FICO®Score

If the coronavirus is in your area, it can't have a negative impact on your FICO®Score. That's because your ZIP code or county isn't used to calculate your score.1It's only your actions, like missing payments or maxing out your credit accounts, that have a negative impact on your score.

Make the minimum payments if you can

Try to make the minimum payments on your credit accounts and loans. This will keep late or missed payments from showing up on your credit reports.

Worried you won't be able to make them? Call your lenders or creditors before payments are due and ask for options. They may let you adjust or delay some payments. If they adjust your payment amounts, make sure to pay those on time.

Stretch your money

Find out what you have in the bank and look for creative ways to make it last. Ask family members for ideas or look for some online. Check your budget for expenses you can cut temporarily. Don’t have a budget? Get one started.

Talk with your landlord

If you might have trouble paying rent, call your landlord. They may be willing to work out an alternative rent-payment plan with you.

Protect yourself from scammers

Don't click on links in suspicious texts or emails. Hang up on robocalls. Ignore online offers for vaccinations and home test kits. Don't buy products like medical supplies, cleaners or toilet paper from companies you don't know.

Keep an eye on your credit

You get free 24/7 access to your FICO®Score You can also get free credit reports once every 12 months at

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