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Renowned gospel singer-songwriter Lashun Pace has died

The trailblazer of The Anointed Pace Sisters, Lashun Pace has died. The gospel singer-songwriter was 60 years old.

Pace was on dialysis for five years waiting for a kidney and died of organ failure Monday morning, per her sister, Lydia Pace

The Atlanta native was part of the renowned sibling gospel group The Anointed Pace Sisters. Born in Atlanta's Poole Creek community, the Grammy-nominated group made up of nine sisters first shared their family melody in church and local talent shows before rising to gospel stardom.

Known for her hit songs "I Know I've Been Changed" and "Act Like You Know," Pace also carved out her own career and released solo albums. A snippet of LaShun’s 1996 hit ‘Act Like You Know’ recently became a TikTok trend, which Lydia said LaShun was so excited about, encouraging her to start working on another album.

Pace was also known for her kind and supportive heart, becoming friends with a young, ambitious filmmaker Tyler Perry. The playwright at the time was working on a new production when Pace came on board. The two remained friends ever since, with Perry touring a play sharing a name to one of Pace's works "I Know I've Been Changed."

Throughout their friendship, the producer even gifted Pace's mother a home, granting her dying wish to become a homeowner. The matriarch of the Pace family, Bettie Ann Pace, died at 82 in 2020. Pace and her mother were close.

Loved ones call LaShun the trailblazer of the family, moving them to love gospel and jazz music as well. She was the fifth oldest of all of her siblings.

Her death is the third loss for the Atlanta family within two years. The oldest of the sisters, Duranice Pace, passed away last year. LaShun is survived by seven of the nine Pace sisters and an adult daughter.

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