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Tops providing free shuttle service to Elmwood Avenue until Jefferson Avenue store reopens

With the TOPS market on Jefferson Avenue closed, people in the neighborhood have few places to turn.

The nearest grocery store is two miles away, which is either an Aldi or a Price Rite.

The closest Tops is three miles away even further for the nearest Wegman's. If residents took a bus from the Jefferson Tops to the Elmwood location, it would require three buses which would dedicate most of day to traveling somewhere that is only 5 miles away.

With few grocery stores surrounding the area, Tops Market on Elmwood Avenue, a superstore, just like the one on Jefferson is the closest alternative as people are able to not just buy groceries, but prescriptions too.

From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, residents can find a Niagara Scenic Tours shuttle picking up and dropping off residents of the Buffalo's east side, after a trip to Tops on the north side.

According to a spokesperson for Tops Market, the shuttle in front of the Jefferson Avenue Tops will run until it reopens. In the meantime, the store will undergo an internal renovation.

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Prescription Card logov2.png

I do not have insurance I have been paying a lot for my prescriptions.

My pharmacist gave me your card and my prescriptions were half price.

Thank you so much for helping me.

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