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Watch: Celebration of Life for Celestine Chaney


estine Chaney went to Tops on Saturday afternoon with older sister JoAnn Daniels to get some shrimp her husband, Raymond, was in the mood for, and to pick up "her favorite" – strawberry shortcake.

"They sell those little cake cups, you cut the strawberries up, sprinkle sugar over them and leave in the refrigerator overnight," said Wayne Jones, Chaney's son. "The juice from the strawberries is poured in the cup, and you put whipped cream on top."

Instead of leaving the supermarket with cake cups, the strawberries and the shrimp, Chaney, a loving and devoted 65-year-old mother and grandmother of six, found herself trying in vain to flee a shooter dressed in body armor and clutching a high-powered rifle. She was one of 10 people killed on the spot at the hands of an 18-year-old shooter espousing white supremacist views.

"She was a breast cancer survivor and she survived aneurysms in her brain, and then she goes to Tops and gets shot," Daniels said.

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